The Unique Offering of The Technopark Liechtenstein

The most unique features of the Technopark Liechtenstein are the combination of its location at the border of the Swiss Alps, its economic relations with Switzerland and Europe, as well as the linkage with the Technopark Alliance, together with universities.

Consulting And Services

Technopark Liechtenstein provides access to professional advisors, in areas of financial planning and book keeping, taxes, management of assets, development of business models, development of products, product testing, strategic consulting, as well as support in legal matters. From incorporation to patents and property of thought, all needs are covered.

Networking With All of Switzerland

As a member of the Swiss Technopark Alliance, Technopark Liechtenstein is connected to resources of internationally acclaimed universities. Coaches are ready to serve with knowledge and competence, part of greater offering for cooperation and the development of mutual projects.

LVC, a Unique Form of Incorporation in Europe

LVC is a legal corporate format for cooperations between multiple parties, to mutually develop innovative products. This format allows a cooperation between partners, financed through venture capitalists. Working capacity, operating levels for capital coming out of various personas and legal entities, are regarded as investment. Inventors are receiving company shares for their contribution.

Swiss Currency, European Economy

Liechtenstein, a small country in the heart of Europe, is blessed with a strong, international economy. The Swiss Franc, a strong currency, accounts for high stability. The special location at the border of the Swiss Alps makes Liechtenstein also ideal for recreational activities, space that is ideal for startup founders to relax and enjoy the nature. In addition you’ll get the mountains with attractivve opportunities for winter and summer sports.

Machines And Laboratories To Develop Prototypes

Liechtenstein’s industry offers a broad variety of manufacturing facilities in close proximity—ideal for prototyping. Liechtenstein’s industrial partners are also open for partnerships to create innovative technology solutions. These partnerships are interesting not only for financial reasons, but also because they are experts in material, fabrication and testing.

Strong Partners In Industry

In Liechtenstein you will find over 4’000 companies, with combined 36’000 jobs. It is one of many confirming signs for the ideal economical structure in Liechtenstein. Some of the most important and well established ventures are targeting an international audience in areas such as attachment technology, electronics, measurement technology and dental medicine.

An Overview Over The Advantages For Startups In Liechtenstein

  • There is a high level of political continuity and stability
  • There is a broad diversity as an economic location
  • Two accessible markets: European Union/EFTA and Switzerland
  • A liberal economic policy
  • Stable social, legal and economic order
  • Moderate taxes for companies, a simple taxation system (flat tax)
  • Liberal laws for incorporation
  • Solid finance policy of public capital
  • AAA states rating
  • The Swiss Franc is the official currency
  • Very good infrastructure
  • Overseeable size, which offers flexibility and short decision paths
  • Great capitalisation power of the public hand
  • Official promotion of scientific research and development activities

More Information

More detailed information about the economically advanced location Liechtenstein is available at Liechtenstein Business.

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