Your startup is looking for a home?

You’ve founded a startup, or want to found one, and you’re looking for a strategic location? Tell us who you are and what you do, and we’ll start a conversation. This is how we proceed:

1. Requirement

In the first step, it’s important for us to get to know your needs. How large is your team? How many workspaces do you need, and when?

2. Review & Details

After we’ve checked our availability, we’ll send you an application form to find out additional details about you and your business model.

3. Selection

Following this, we verify the information and then the selection is made by our board.

Just fill in the application form

After reviewing the information we will contact you personally.


Why is a selection necessary, and what is the basis for selection? 

We want to provide all the companies located in the Technopark with everything we’ve promised. We provide optimal support primarily in our core areas, or the fields we specialize in: FinTech, communication and security technology, measurement and control technology as well as automation, packaging, ecology, and recycling. If your activity falls outside of these core areas, of course we’ll check whether we can still provide the full extent of our support.

In addition, it’s relevant where in its life cycle your business is, as we’re currently focusing our services on startups in the planning, founding, and start-up phases.

For more mature companies, we’re currently working on the establishment of a Technopark Business Center.

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