What the Technopark Liechtenstein offers you

What makes the Technopark Liechtenstein unique is the combination of its location at the base of the Alps, its economic links to Europe and Switzerland, and its connection with Swiss universities as part of the Technopark Alliance network.

Support and Services

The Technopark Liechtenstein offers access to professional consultation in the areas of financial planning and accounting, taxes, asset management, development of business models, product development, product testing, strategic consulting, and support in legal matters. Needs are covered from the founding of a company to copyright or patent rights. In addition, we make our network available and provide access to experts from both technical and scientific areas, and we enable marketing services through the Technopark’s online activities.

We Focus on Four Key Areas

The initiators are committed to the consistent implementation of an innovative mix of business sectors in the Technopark Liechtenstein. At the same time, these sectors reflect the selection criteria for the inclusion of startups in the Technopark. Specifically, start-ups that want to start a business in the areas of communications and security technology, packaging, environmental and recycling industries, measurement and control technology, as well as automation and FinTech are of interest. Company founders benefit from Liechtenstein’s locational advantages such as easy access to two economic areas (EU, Switzerland) as well as access to research and development institutes as well as know-how and financing options.

The Technopark Workspace


Flex Desk workspaces in the open space

Further accommodations

Meeting rooms, relaxation cubicles & a kitchen


Cellphone contract with FL1 (rate FLY M) & discounts with FL1 as well as with all IT and telecommunications products

Office supplies

Access to printers, copiers & scanners


Availability of the event infrastructure of the Technopark

Networks storage & online tools

Access to network storage (NAS) as well as to the Technopark Liechtenstein online tool.


Opening hours

24/7 – Access


High-speed Internet (500 Mbit symmetrical) via WLAN and public WLAN


Mailing address in Liechtenstein for all tenants of the Technopark

Do You want to know more?

Technopark Liechtenstein offers far more than just a workspace for startups. Our startups benefit from a unique combination of services.

Learn more about the services for startups

Seed financing in the Technopark Liechtenstein

Financing is very difficult to obtain for startups in the very early phase (seed stage). Financing in the early stage poses a high risk, and there is only limited access to classic financing options. At the Technopark Liechtenstein, there is an opportunity to receive mostly smaller amounts (up to around 50,000 Swiss francs) in loans. There is a financial instrument available just for this at the Technopark Liechtenstein.

Growth financing at the Technopark Liechtenstein

The Technopark (Liechtenstein) AG offers its startup tenants acces to investors and the opportunity for growth financing. How financing takes place is the decision of each startup, and whether it takes the form of mezzanine captial or a stake in the startup, and on what terms. The Technopark (Liechtenstein) AG will utilize its contacts and networks and make easy access possible for the tenant startups. It’s always guaranteed that the decision lies with the startups as to what financing they accept, with which finance partners, and under what conditions.

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