Developmental Space For Your Startup

The Technopark Liechtenstein is more than just a building. It’s a meeting place for startups and entrepreneurs from all fields. You can interact, build ideas together, try them out and test them with users. From the original idea, to development, to distribution and marketing, the Technopark Liechtenstein is ready to interface with you.

A Place With Many Faces

The facilities of the Technopark Liechtenstein are optimally laid out for a relaxed atmosphere and for promoting free cooperation, contact, and mutual support. A startup hub is above all about sharing, but teams can also turn inward and work together or individually on their projects.

The forum provides space for presentations, pitches, guest presentations, and press events.

The bistro can be an ideal place for new encounters or for discussions over coffee and croissants.

Container blocks stacked on top of each other inside the Technopark are suitable for meetings, strategic planning, and conversations with customers.

In general, Liechtenstein offers plenty of open space, fresh air, and the freedom for people to shape their surroundings and to work where they feel comfortable.

You want to know more?

The Technopark Liechtenstein offers more than just a workspace for startups. Our startups benefit from a unique combination of services.

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