Portrait of the tenant companies

Here you’ll get insight into the companies at the Technopark and their various and exciting areas of activity.

myLucy AG – The company for innovative insurance solutions

myLucy AG develops contemporary insurance solutions and is (among others) behind the online registration portal www.e-zulassung.at and the pay-per-kilometer insurance model www.cleverdrive.com, which is currently in the financing phase. myLucy AG relies on complete digitalization with a clear focus on benefit to the customer, and in this way manages to implement modern communication, technology and marketing in the change-resistant insurance industry with great success.

NEX is a platform for high performance decentralized exchange and payment

Neon Exchange (NEX) aims to combine the performance of centralized exchanges with the trust and security properties of decentralized exchanges. The system consists of three main components: an off-chain trade matching engine, a smart contract where trades are executed, and a payment service where global assets such as NEO and GAS can be converted to tokens that can be transfered directly by smart contracts, making them compatible with the exchange.

A protocol identifying the best blockchain startups

The Moondock ecosystem discovers the most promising blockchain startups worldwide. It funds those startups prior their ICO and hands out guaranteed + highly discounted pre-ICO rights to every Moondock token holder – The Moondock Community. With that Moondock helps to make the right contribution calls and creates access to the most valuable part of an ICO in a the very complex market. The discovery happens through decentralized qualification layers. Firstly global acting ‘venture experts’ (also called industry experts) propose their startups to the Moondock community in order to create attention, receive funding for the startup and get access to a community of ICO contributors. One of those venture experts will be worldwide acting Moondock launchpads which we see as a role model for blockchain accelerators (financed via our equity round). In a second qualification layer every proposed startup is getting approved by the ‘selection panel’. This panel consists out of individuals with investment background . Their role is to assess every startup in terms of business model, legal aspects, sustainability and more. Every approved startup goes to the third qualification layer where every ‘Moondock token holder’ is asked for his personal vote. Every successfully proposed startup receives the funding. In exchange Moondock receives pre-ICO rights that will be hand out to the Moondock token holder and startup tokens in the same value as the funding The pre-ICO rights will be allocated pro rata with the number holding Moondock tokens. The more Moondock tokens, the higher the personal participation right. The Moondock token itself acts like a voucher and gives access in order to make use of the personal participation right. Based on the allocation Moondock tokens will be reallocated to Protocol.

Blockchain based platform for purchasing fragments of art objects

TILCOIN is a company and project that developed a platform based on blockchain in Ethereum network. It allows to sell virtual fragments of art objects serigraphy to investors. TILCOIN AG is registered in Liechtenstein and obtained the legal opinion of Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein.

Our primary activities
– Search, expertise, evaluation, acquisition and digitalization of art objects
– PR of art objects and their authors, exhibition activities
– Sale of art objects in exchange for tokens
– Token insurance certificates
– Marketplace for the world of art

Our TLC tokens are backed by the physical asset – we fully own a unique collection of art objects (pictures, posters and stamps).
We developed a fully operational platform that has already attracted over 15,000 investors during the private crowdfunding in March 2018, which brought us USD 2,5 MM.
We are proud to be supported by Bank Frick & Co. AG of Liechtenstein, Israeli AVNET Cyber&Information Security, British Willis Towers Watson (insurance management) and some other major partners from Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The latest crypto market technologies in the online gaming industry

LOOiX AG is a consortium of partners and business people from the online gaming industry to introduce the latest technologies and developments in the crypto market to the fascinating world of online sports betting.

For years, online platforms have been operated on all continents. LOOiX AG has set itself the goal of opening up access to the blockchain lifestyle to all people worldwide for the first time with its innovative concept. LOOiX members should be offered the opportunity to trigger a revolution in a huge industry and to participate in a new generation of bonus programs, games and the exchange of lifestyle tokens. They are licensed and have the appropriate regulatory approvals.

Success with individual application documents

The team of Designbewerbung is specialized in the most different contents within an application process: cover letter, resume, social media checks, business cards, coachings, etc. They help every applicant to market themselves professionally – whether interns, experienced professionals or managers. For every need, unique and modern documents are created together.

The dossiers get to the point, are quickly analysed by personnel and are always noticeable thanks to professional design. Those who go with the masses also go down with the masses. The latest marketing techniques and designs are offered, which are repeatedly praised by HR experts.

Are you interested in other startups in the Swiss Technopark Alliance?

As a member of the Swiss Technopark Alliance, the Technopark Liechtenstein is connected to the resources of universities with international reputations. In conjunction with the coaches who are ready to assist and advise Technopark members, this opens up a broad field for cooperation and the development of joint projects. Use the Technopark Alliance search function to discover what interesting and innovative companies are tenants of different Technoparks.

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