It’s a long, hard road that leads from idea to offer and to the actual product. What all start-up founders have in common is the unwavering courage to overcome the status quo and to implement an idea in such a way that it becomes a market success.

Even if the team of a startup invests all their energy, many hours of work, concept development, implementation and testing, they won’t get far without capital. Costs such as domain, hosting, cloud services, programming, prototyping, user experience testing and, last but not least, facilities, laboratory or technical equipment such as servers must be financed in advance to prove that the product will really perform.

More than just a beginning

But funding is not only necessary for the initial steps. If the product reaches the market, it must be advertised, the brand image must be maintained, presences on Facebook, LinkedIn and the website need constant revision. Additionally, there is a sales team, customer support and the further development of the product range.

If the offer is successful, the company will grow and capital investment rounds will become possible. But at what stage is this the most suitable financing model? What financing options does Technopark Liechtenstein offer?

Seed financing

Financing in the very early stage of a startup (seed phase) is very difficult for startups to obtain. This type of financing entail a high level of risk and traditional financing options are only available to a very limited extent.

Technopark Liechtenstein offers the possibility of obtaining these generally smaller amounts (up to CHF 50,000) on a loan basis. Liechtenstein Technopark has its own financing facility for this very purpose.

Growth financing with Technopark Liechtenstein

Technopark Liechtenstein provides the tenant start-ups with contacts to investors and opportunities for growth financing. The company uses its network to facilitate access to the tenant startups. We always ensure that the decision is made by the start-ups themselves in relation to what financing they will receive, with which financing partner they want to work with and which terms and conditions will apply – Whether this is in the form of mezzanine capital or a participation, and on which specific terms and conditions.

How can I apply for funding?

It’s easy: Register your startup using our registration form registration form and we’ll get in touch with you.

After reviewing your business model, we will then look at the respective financing options. Finally, the successful financing of your start-up depends on many factors, such as the type of product or service, whether you have a platform, what expenses are to be expected, what the roadmap looks like and where it will take you.

What criteria do you use to determine wether a startup receives funding?

We base it on the business plan of the start-up company and the progress made thus far, as well as realistic assessments of the Technical Advisory Board of Technopark (Liechtenstein) AG. This advisory board is decisive for the admission of a start-up at Technopark Liechtenstein. It also decides on the award of loans.

Does the startup has to be a tenant at Technopark to qualify for funding?

Our two funding models are open to all start-ups that operate their companies in Technopark Liechtenstein. We will help you wherever necessary, e. g. when setting up a company in Liechtenstein, or by establishing the necessary contacts for your development. The prerequisite for the funding is, however, that you want to set up your company in Technopark Liechtenstein.

How does seed financing differ from growth financing?

Our seed-model is especially suitable for the launch of a start-up. The initial capital helps the start-up become a company and develop their idea to product maturity.

Growth financing is an option when the product is already on the market and initial sales successes have been achieved. This proves “traction“, the buying interest of customers.

Who is behind the capital financing?

Technopark Liechtenstein is responsible and determines the allocation and is also responsible for awarding and repaying the loans granted.

In summary: An unbeatable offer

Technopark Liechtenstein is more than just a joint office with shared resources. It provides the atmosphere and space necessary for the creation and growth of new ideas. In contrast to other office providers who contact start-ups, Technopark Liechtenstein can do much more for start-ups. In addition to the network of contacts within the Rhine Valley, the two financing offers of Technopark Liechtenstein offer an outstanding advantage for start-up founders.