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As a member of the Technopark Alliance Switzerland, Technopark Liechtenstein is connected to resources from internationally recognized universities. Together with the coaches, who provide Technopark members with advice and support, a wide field of cooperation and the development of joint projects is offered here.
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Seed Funding in
Technopark Liechtenstein

Financing in the very early phase of the start-up (seed phase) is very difficult to obtain for start-ups. These financings involve a high risk and classic financing options are only available to a very limited extent. At Technopark Liechtenstein, there is a possibility to obtain these usually smaller amounts (up to approx. CHF 50’000) on a loan basis. Technopark Liechtenstein has its own financing instrument for this purpose.

Growth Funding in
Technopark Liechtenstein

Technopark (Liechtenstein) AG provides start-ups with access to investors and opportunities to finance growth. It is up to the respective start-up company to decide in which way financing is provided, whether it is in the form of mezzanine capital or participation and under which conditions. Technopark (Liechtenstein) AG will make use of the contacts and network and provide easy access for the rented start-ups. It is always guaranteed that the decision lies with the start-ups as to which financing they will enter into, with which financing partner and under which conditions.

Member of is a national association of incubators and technology parks, which already has 40 members, of which 27 host over 1000 innovative companies.
The objectives that the association aims to achieve for its members are as follows:
- Development of network activities
- Exchange of business models & Methods / new initiatives
- Deepening of information about Startups in Switzerland
- Evaluation of the impact of technology parks and
- incubators to the Swiss Economy

Innovative Program
KMU Kollaborativ

The Technopark Liechtenstein is a partner for SMEs in the innovation process – especially in the critical phases of orientation. We enable SMEs to pursue their challenges and ideas in a secure, experienced and dynamic environment and help to inspire the right people to implement their projects.

Our networking competencies

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More than
just a building

The Technopark Liechtenstein is more than just a building. It is a meeting place for start-ups and entrepreneurs from all directions. You can exchange ideas, work together on ideas, try them out and test them with users. From the idea to development, distribution and marketing, Technopark Liechtenstein offers interfaces.

The premises of the Technopark Liechtenstein are optimally designed to create a relaxed atmosphere to promote free cooperation, contact and mutual support. A start-up hub is primarily about exchange, but teams can also withdraw and work on their projects together or individually.

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In the first step it is important for us to know your needs. How big is your team? How many workstations do you need and from when on? After we have checked our availabilities, we will send you an application form in which we ask for further details about you and your business model. Afterwards our board will check and select you. If all conditions are suitable, we will invite you for a personal interview, via video call or directly with us in Liechtenstein.
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