Visitors to metropolises like Berlin or Barcelona aren’t surprised to find a thriving startup scene in these cities. Big cities seem to have everything startups need to be successful. But on closer inspection it quickly becomes clear that a city doesn’t necessarily make it easier to found and maintain a startup.

Reason 1: Two strong economies

The Technopark Liechtenstein is part of the Swiss network of science and technology parks – the first network member outside Switzerland. That puts the Technopark Liechtenstein in the unique position of offering access to two markets.

Security is ensured by the Swiss franc and Liechtenstein’s political and economic stability. Trade and exchange with Europe is facilitated via the European Free Trade Association. Sourcing, production, and branch offices can easily be located in the neighboring countries of Austria, Germany, France, or Italy.

Reason 2: Easy foundings, especially for fintech startups

It’s already relatively easy to found a company in Liechtenstein today. Many research programs and economic developments receive state financial support. With special arrangements for FinTech companies and a type of company formation that’s unique in Europe, it gets even easier.

For starting companies in the financial sector, the required capital is adapted in each case to the individual risk. Through membership in the European Economic Area, financial service providers approved in the EU or in the EEA are able to offer their services.

Reason 3. Network, University and Industry

There is a link to the Universität Liechtenstein, as well as to them NTB, the Interstate University of Technology, just across the Rhine border. This opens up many possibilities for research & development. The Technopark Liechtenstein’s network also offers connections to industry and technology companies, which can be useful for prototyping

World leading technology companies such as the Hilti-Group are headquartered in Liechtenstein. This creates the potential for collaboration, partnerships, and joint developments, or the use of existing distribution channels.

Reason 4: Supporting and financing startups

The Technopark Liechtenstein guides its startups and helps with business plans and with legal and financial questions, such as questions concerning taxes and capital.

The Technopark Liechtenstein offers additional starting help through two financing models: seed financing and growth financing. One of the economic strengths of Liechtenstein is based on the country’s banks as well as funds and capital from private and public enterprises, which together constitute a major potential source of startup financing.

Grund 5: Close to cities, far from stress

Munich is only three hours away by car, Zurich only one hour. European cities like London, Barcelona, or Prague can be reached within two hours via the Zurich airport.

As a place of business, Liechtenstein is not only broadly diversified, it’s also highly developed. Those who lease space in the Technopark Liechtenstein will find an extensive infrastructure, including public transportation and access to businesses, even on weekends. With the Rhine river, forests, athletic facilities and swimming pools, mountains, hiking trails, and the Malbun ski resort, Liechteinstein is a recreational area with more possibilities than any city park can offer.

Grund 6: An open and creative work environment

The Technopark Liechtenstein offers a combination that is unique in the region: Instead of cubicles or small offices, it provides an open space with a relaxed design and meeting spaces made out of shipping containers, a kitchen, and a complete office infrastructure including printers, wireless networking, and networked storage. In addition to its facilities and services, the Technopark Liechtenstein also offers discounts on mobile rates from FL1 and a technopark car for car sharing.

The newly created interior with two shipping containers as meeting rooms and infinitely adjustable standing- and sitting-height tables as well as a lounge corner fits contemporary workplace culture and allows for the relaxed, playful atmosphere that startups value.

It’s not a single overarching reason that makes the Technopark Liechtenstein the right choice for a workspace, but rather the harmonious combination of many required elements. From support, to networking, to financing, the Technopark Liechtenstein is by your side. But it’s the teams of exceptional founders and developers who are the ones giving their “babies” a place to be born and a safe home in the Technopark Liechtenstein.